Wednesday, December 26, 2012


First things first; though there's only one play mode, rest assured it's a winner. Azteca Game. Swapping between stages - self-contained scenarios composed of randomly-shaped grids of hexagons, each containing a differently colored stone - you'll tackle the adventure a single level at a time. Azteca Game.The core objective throughout: Remove all rocks with letters stamped upon them, thereby spelling words such as "stile" and "basalt" and drawing closer to uncovering hidden messages between each mission.

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Launch into the valiant quest for the treasures of the ancient civilization in a marvelous arcade puzzle shining with nice visuals, 60 challenging levels and a variety of bonuses. Complete the game and you will get a splendid reward that'll come in handy even if you are not in the game. The adventure requires you to use your quick wits and skill as you will need to shoot


an orb into the moving chain of colored balls trying to create a sequence of spheres of the same color, which will disappear. As all the moving balls vanish, your way to the treasure room will be cleared. As many digital diversions as we see exploring peripheral aspects of ancient Aztecs' lives (e.g. ceremonial masks and glittering gold), it's a wonder more don't delve deeper into this culture's fascinating lore and mythology. Suddenly here to fill the void comes fresh, head-scratching outing Azteca, an intriguing spin on the typical "match-three" puzzler that challenges you to save the storied civilization by uncovering words of wisdom its gods secretly seared into stone. Despite high system requirements, occasional bouts of slowdown and a sense of pacing that's arguably too relaxed for most, it's yet another thrilling entry into the casual gaming canon, and one you should certainly be checking for. Given this caveat, it's to developer Intenium's credit that the title remains as persistently engaging as it does. For starters, environments come alive with motion - there's always something on-screen sparkling, shining or disappearing with a twinkling poof. Level design work is excellent too: Some stages make use of color-activated switches, others glass that breaks when stones fall atop it and still more lava fields that generate exploding boulders - needed to destroy brick-like obstacles - when matches are made upon them.
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